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The Global Angelman Community 


The global Angelman community is a proactive and influential collective that crosses borders and nations. Because people with AS are not able to speak, it is vital that those who can, should come together to advocate on their behalf. The Angelman Network is connected globally through our social media groups and our networks with other AS organisations around the world.


We celebrate as one global community on 15th February - International Angelman Day. 

Together we have a louder voice; together we can achieve more.

The Angelman Community in NZ

Raising awareness, advocacy, research and fundraising, all go hand in hand. The Angelman Network encourages families in New Zealand to help spread awareness of Angelman syndrome (and inclusion), in your own local communities, social circles, and work places. We have held many family gatherings and successful events around the country that have helped to build stronger networks, raise public awareness for Angelman syndrome, and raise funds for The Angelman Network.


Pro-active families encourage and inspire each other to become active advocates for AS - to educate others and to promote inclusion and acceptance in our society.  Families can either organise their own Angelman gatherings or fundraising events, or participate in public events. They can then approach their local media to publish personal stories, to reach the widest possible audience. By being in the public eye, families can help to gather community support for their loved one, and minimize the potential for isolation that can so easily occur when people with Angelman syndrome are misunderstood and marginalized.


More info about our NZ community events is on the NZ Events page, here. 

Our Vision

That people with Angelman syndrome are:

  • accepted and acknowledged as unique individuals

  • valued as contributing members of their community

  • given access to a full language system (AAC) so that their

      voices can be heard ​

Are you keen to organise a family gathering? 

Please let us know when and where and we can send out an invitation to our database to those families in your region. We can also post a notice in our Facebook groups or create a Facebook Event for you. Contact us directly if you need any advice or assistance. 


Are you interested to help fundraise? 

Fundraising for The Angelman Network is a great way to support the work we are doing for families in NZ. It also helps to raise awareness and educate our local communities. It is important to be visible to the general public, and to share stories about the challenges families face, and the importance of advocacy and research. Fundraising can be a positive and proactive way to connect groups, organisations and supporters.


We encourage families to think of new ways to do this.  Let your child be the inspiration. Create an event that honours them. Having your child as the focus and sharing your family’s story is a powerful tool to advocate for change, acceptance, more research and funds. If you wish to hold a fundraising event for The Angelman Network, we would love to assist! 

Working Together

The Angelman Network will:​

  • provide a Letter of Authority to you to proceed with your fundraiser, if required

  • sign up you/your team on our Givealittle fundraising site as a CHAMPION or an EVENT – this will provide/ensure automatic email receipts for tax deductible donations and is a simple and secure way to collect donations.

  • provide informative material  – TAN brochures and flyers – that help to explain Angelman Syndrome and the objectives of The Angelman Network

  • advertise your event through our social networks (Facebook group/page) and via our newsletter database

  • send Certificates of Appreciation and a personal Thank You note, to any corporate group/organisation assisting you



The Legalities of Fundraising in NZ

    NB: To comply, we must consider the following:

  • We are a registered charitable trust based in NZ.  Any event that uses The Angelman Network or International Angelman Day promotion material, must first be approved by our Trust Board. 

  • The individual to whom the Letter of Authority is addressed will be responsible for the event.

  • You will need to ensure the safety of the event (OSH).  The Angelman Network cannot provide public liability insurance cover on behalf of third parties. We would suggest you liaise with your venue to obtain details of your guests’ insurance cover.

  • Upon completion of your event, please provide all outstanding funds to The Angelman Network as soon as possible so that we can complete receipting requirements. 

  • Please also provide us with a tally of any taxable donation receipts we need to provide to your attendees.

  • Please ensure that debts are NOT incurred in the name of The Angelman Network as we will not be held responsible for any debt that we do not guarantee.

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