The Angelman Network

Connecting and supporting those affected by Angelman Syndrome (AS)

Te Hononga Angelman

kia whai hononga me te tautoko hoki i a rátou e pá kii ana ki te mate Angelman Syndrome (AS)

Kia ora. Welcome to the website for The Angelman Network


This website is our primary resource for sharing the latest information 

about Angelman Syndrome. You will find:


The Angelman Network encourages a person-centered approach for those who

have Angelman Syndrome, based on the United Nations Convention on the

Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Read more on inclusion, here.  


We connect and support NZ families by encouraging 

community networks and by assisting with regional

gatherings across the country. [For free and confidential

support services, see Parent to Parent.]


On the 15th February each year we celebrate International Angelman Day

(IAD) to raise funds and spread awareness of the condition.                                  Short film about Alice - Nelson, New Zealand

What is Angelman syndrome?   

Angelman syndrome (AS) is a rare neuro-genetic condition caused by a

reduction of expression of the UBE3A gene located on chromosome 15. 

It is not a degenerative disease nor caused by anything parents may

have done before or during pregnancy. With good health management

and appropriate supports - especially for communication - most people

born with Angelman syndrome will have a normal life expectancy.  With

a prevalence of 1:15,000 it affects males and females of all racial/

ethnic groups equally. Read more on Angelman syndrome here


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Our Vision / O motor kitenga    

That people with Angelman syndrome are:                             Te tangata mau i te mate AS ka:

- accepted and acknowledged as unique individuals           - whakaaetia, manakotia hoki kia u ki to rátou mana ake

- given access to a full language system (AAC) so that       - kia whiwhi ai ki nga ara reo kia rongohia ai o ratou reo e te         their voices can be heard                                                        katoa ma roto i te àpititanga me etahi atu whakamòhiotanga

- valued as contributing members of their community   - kia whai hua rátou hei tángata tákoha nó tó rátou hápori

"Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahiengari he toa takimano / my strength is not that of the

individual but that of the collective" - Maori proverb

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