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Angelman Events in NZ 

Raising awareness across the country - one community at a time


Families and supporters of The Angelman Network regularly organise gatherings and participate in public events across the country. We do this to fund-raise, enjoy time together, network, and build community support.  As our local communities learn more about Angelman syndrome, so stronger community networks are built around our families. 

We encourage and participate in the following types of events:




Friends and families in NZ have volunteered their time to help raise funds for The Angelman Network in a variety of ways. Families have organised regular Sausage sizzles, Christmas wrap Collection Buckets, a Fundraiser Auction, Raffles, Movie nights, a Walkathon, a Colouring-in Competition, and even a MotorCross Day!! These events not only raise funds, they also raise awareness for Angelman syndrome and bring people together in their communities, strengthening circles of support around families.  

We have had some fitness teams - the Action Angel team and For The Angels team - who entered local Fun Runs and competed at other sporting events around the country wearing white angel-wings when possible. As well as getting sponsors to raise funds, they approached local newspapers to write articles about why they were competing, to help raise awareness for Angelman syndrome in NZ.  Anyone can support our cause and pop an instant donation on our Givealittle site !

To find out more about organizing a fundraiser, see here.

Family Gatherings

The Angelman Network encourages all our families to meet up at family-friendly venues around the country, whenever possible. Nothing beats talking to other families and meeting their loved one who has Angelman syndrome. Friendships made at these social gatherings last a lifetime and everyone stays connected via our Facebook support groups. If you are keen to organise a gathering in your area, we can help to get the word out and advertise your event.  

Educational/Raising awareness

The Angelman Network aims to regularly distribute information on AS, raise awareness about AS, and network nation-wide in NZ.  We do this with our table displays and publications. If you would like to help us share information and raise awareness at a suitable event in your community, please contact us. We can assist you with the promotional material and resources to set up a display table anywhere in New Zealand.

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