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The Angelman Network (TAN) currently offers two types of grants:


  • Family Grant 

  • Research Grant


The Angelman Network offers research grants of up to $5,000 to any research project that would benefit those with Angelman syndrome and/or their families in NZ.  Though we prefer to fund research that is carried out in NZ, we do also consider funding overseas projects that will help to provide immediate benefits to our families in NZ. 

Download the application form HERE. Email your completed form and support information to:

Should your application be approved, we will require a final report on the results of your project once it is completed, and details on how the funds were used.


The Angelman Network offers a Family Grant of $300 to eligible NZ families towards costs related to attending conferences/workshops that will directly benefit the person with Angelman Syndrome. This grant can be used to assist with registration fees, related accommodation, or transport costs/flights. 

Criteria: applicants must be NZ citizens/permanent residents and paid up members of The Angelman Network. 

See Membership.

Download the application form HERE

Email your completed form and support information to:

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